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As all facility managers know, having the right clothing can ensure your workers’ safety and improve their productivity. By working with a reliable clothing provider, you’ll create a safe work environment and give your team members a boost in performance while paying competitive prices for your supplies.

Greenshields Industrial Supply specializes in providing jackets, vests, and other industrial clothes for your team. If you need to find the best industrial clothes and accessories for your workers, contact us today or browse through our wide selection of products on our website or at our store.

The Importance of Getting Protective Industrial Clothing

Industrial operations often feature powerful machinery and large assembly lines that handle numerous processes at a time. Unlike other settings, accidents in an industrial facility are often severe, so preparing your team and providing clothing is a great way to reduce the chances of a bad injury.

Harsh chemicals, heavy pieces of machinery, and sharp tools are common in factories, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial operations. Rugged clothing made from durable materials can protect your workers against multiple hazards and help guarantee the quality of their work.

Our team has years of experience helping companies find the best pieces of clothing depending on their specific industry. From disposable gloves to sweatshirts and boots, we can source any piece of industrial clothing and safety accessory you need for your operation, so contact us today.

Our Industrial Clothing Collection

Unlike other types of attire, clothing is all about functionality and durability. Specialized jackets with multiple compartments, disposable clothing, and protective rain gear are just some of the essential pieces your team needs to stay safe and efficient. Whether you’re looking for protective gear or specialized accessories, our team can help you find specific clothing for your operation.

Our wide collection of industrial clothing includes:

Disposable Clothing

Disposable clothing and cleanroom supplies are common in pharmaceutical facilities, laboratories, and similar operations. This line of clothing includes disposable coats, gloves, footwear, coveralls, sleeves, and other accessories that allow your team members to handle chemical and hazardous materials safely. 

If you’re looking for disposable industrial clothing for your facility, get in touch with us now and we’ll be glad to help.


Gloves protect your workers’ hands from harsh chemicals, hot surfaces, and rugged tools. They are essential for lifting heavy objects, operating power tools, and handling hazardous compounds, but you have to ensure that the gloves you get for your team are the right size and made from robust materials. If you’re looking for the best industrial gloves provider, Greenshields Industrial Supply will be happy to assist.


Industrial-grade jackets can feature multiple pockets and specialized compartments, plus they are usually made from ultra-sturdy materials. Our collection includes bomber high-visibility jackets, comfortable polyester jackets, and similar workwear to keep your employees safe and comfortable, regardless of the season or time of day.

Rain Gear

Industrial facilities require regular maintenance, even during the rainier times of the year. Our line of protective rain gear can help keep your employees dry, comfortable, and warm while working. We provide waterproof bib pants, waterproof hooded jackets, and other types of rain gear to protect your team against inclement weather conditions, so learn more by giving us a call.

Shoes and Boots

Boots, steel toe shoes, and other types of industrial footwear can keep your team members safe even when there’s an accident in your facility. We provide a wide range of footwear for your operation, including socks, insoles, metal toe cap replacements, steel toe boots, and other types of industrial shoes. 

T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

High visibility t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other upper-body industrial garments can improve safety across your operation and make sure your team is comfortable during work hours. From high visibility hooded sweatshirts to hoodies and simple shirts, our collection includes all the pieces of clothing you need for your workers.


Both sleeved and sleeveless safety vests can help your team members work alongside heavy machinery without getting injured. Our high-visibility safety vests come in different formats and sizes, plus you can choose between class 2 and class 3 models. To learn more about getting the best safety vest for your facility, take a look at our collection or get in touch with us today.

Get the Protective Industrial Clothing at Greenshields Industrial Supply

At Greenshields Industrial Supply, we carry a wide collection of clothing suitable for any facility. We have spent years helping companies get the best industrial clothes for their employees, so contact us today and our team will be happy to find the supplies you need.