Lock-N-Lift tools are the original patented dovetail-style lifting tools and are the industry benchmark for safe and easy handling of road plates. Since 1981, Lock-N-Lift tools have been put to use throughout North America eliminating the need for pry bars, installation tools or thread cleaning when moving and storing road plates.

Lock-N-Lift maximizes worker safety by eliminating the need to ever put a hand, foot or any tooling under a road plate, even during the installation of the weld-in plate. Made in the USA from the best available aircraft quality AISI 4330 steel. The tools are heat treated to provide a safe working load of 8,000 pounds with a 5:1 safety factor.

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Road work crews around the country use a road plate lifting device made from steel to cover road sections under construction. In Washington state, we at Greenshields Industrial Supply offer the Lock-N-Lift products essential to lifting and placing metal road plates.

It offers welded lifting assemblies that combine to form an easy-to-use steel plate lifting device. At Greenshields Industrial Supply company, we offer the Lock-N-Lift Model #750 or Model #800 for road plates.


It is a type of steel plate lifting equipment featuring a flush-welded receiver attached to the road plate with a lifting tool that locks the place onto the receiver plate. The lifting tool then connects to a shackle or hook and is ready to lift and place.

A single receiver and lifting tool rate safely up to 8,000 pounds weight. For plates that weigh over 8,000 pounds, use two receivers and two lifting tools evenly spaced around the center of your road plate for even weight distribution.

Its system offers two model options. The Model #750 was the original design introduced in 1981 and requires a chain or anchor shackle attachment for lifting. The Model #800 added the convenience of lifting by a hook or chain shackle in 1988.

Both models allow workers to lift road plates without ever having to place tools, hands, or feet under a steel construction plate.


Lock n lift features and helps road work crews maintain the safety of their work areas to prevent harm to drivers, pedestrians, and themselves by covering any open holes in the roadway. Other uses for this steel plate lifting device include:

●        Trench plate cover lifting for utility work crews for water, sewer, and underground utilities.

●        Trench plate covers for road repair crews digging ditches, installing storm drains, and repairing potholes.

●        Steel plate covers or steel grate covers for industries that use underground utilities.

●        Manhole cover lifting for under-street maintenance of sewers and utilities.


This road plate lifting device offers several advantages for safely lifting heavy steel plates, including ease of use, and proven reliability in the field since 1981. These advantages include:

●        Single-point center lifting offers better control of heavy plates.

●        Consistent strength over the life of this type of tool.

●       Security by flush-mounting of welded receiver reducing trip hazards.

●        Never needing to lift from under the plate with hands or tools.

●        Stacking of plates without dunnage due to flush-mounting,

●        Fast attachment of lifting tools to the receiver, with assembly taking only a few seconds.

●        No thread maintenance or cross-threading is needed.

●        Flush welding of the receiver on only the top side.

●        Ratings to safely lift 8,000 pounds using one receiver and one lifting tool.

●        A 5:1 safety factor.

●        Sales of over 25,000 units throughout North America since 1981.


At Greenshields, we offer both stock of primary models for lock and lift steel plate lifting tool and the accompanying receiver and locking mechanism pin. Here are their product details:


Lock-N-Lift 750

The original of this type of model introduced in 1981, includes a lifting power of 8,000lbs. on a single receiver plate and lifting tool. The dovetail style allows workers to safely lift steel trench plates without having to put tools, hands, or feet under a plate. Made from AISI 4330 steel and heat-treated to withstand heavy loads, the locking mechanism and lifting Model #750 is the one that started it all.

Model #750 weight is 3.75 lbs. and works with the universal weld-in plate receiver and quick release pin.


Lock-N-Lift 800

The 4.6-pound Lock-N-Lift Model #800 details also works with the universal weld-in plate receiver and can lift 8,000lbs. The wider locks can allow workers to use the steel plate lifting device with either a chain shackle or a hook. Made from AISI 4340 heat-treated steel, the Lock-N-Lift Model #800 also offers a 5:1 security factor.


Many Lock-N-Lift customers have replaced their standard round shackle pins with our Lock-N-Lift LG14 quick-release pin. This quick-release pin offers a comfortable T-handle grip that even a gloved hand can install or remove quickly and easily from a ¾ round pin shackle. The pin locks with a ball detent system and can handle up to 112,000 pounds in double shear length.


Made from WCB steel, the Lock-N-Lift Model #500B Weld-In Plate will easily weld into Grade A992, A50, or A36 steel plates. When installed properly, the universal weld-in plate is level flush with the road plate surface. The weld-in plate is compatible with the Model #750 and Model #800, and only weighs 2.2 pounds.


Workers can use this road plate lifting device to perform straight lifts of heavy steel plates safely. The manufacturer warns against the following uses when using Lock-N-Lift steel plate lifting material:

●        DO NOT DRAG, PUSH, OR PULL. Lock-N-Lift tools are for straight vertical lifting only. Pushing, pulling, or dragging can cause foot break, ankle weakness, or pinching of the center weld-in plate.

●        Use the appropriate tools. Model #750 should only attach to a chain or anchor shackle. You may use a hook or chain shackle with the Model #800 only, and never an anchor shackle.

●        Do not use a single of this device system for an extra-long plate. Measure the plate into thirds and attach two of these devices at each third. Use a spreader bar for added stability.

●        Use a hook or shackle rated for a minimum of 4 tons. For either model, lock n lift, ensure the minimum working load limit is at least 4 tons.


At Greenshields Industrial Supply, we offer individual part sales, plus assembly of parts, and can even customize your Lock-N-Lift order with chain attachment. Founded in 1953, this company has over 60 years of experience and is capable of helping customers find the right industrial supply solutions for their industries. We proudly serve some of the hardest-working industries in Washington state with our store in Everett.

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