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Finding a reliable industrial supply shop can help ensure safety and efficiency throughout your industrial facility. The industrial products, supplies, and accessories you use directly impact your facility’s safety as well as efficiency, so you need to make sure that your goods come from a reliable provider.

At Greenshields Industrial Supply, we’re a full-service industrial store in Everett that specializes in providing quality products for factories, warehouses, and other large facilities. Our team has extensive training and experience helping managers find the best products for their operations, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts today who are great a customer service.


We’ve focused on forging strong relationships with the top providers, so we only offer quality products to our customers. We provide industrial supplies to consumers, commercial establishments, industrial entities, and even government organizations, so we pride ourselves on the quality of our services.

In our industrial hardware store we stock goods like:


Fluid Power, Parts, and Rigging Products

Our hardware inventory includes fluid power products, parts, and goods for your rigging system. Fluid power products include hoses, fittings, adapters, valves, tubing, pumps, gauges, and clamps. We also stock a wide variety of parts including belts, cables, filters, tires, wheels, and engine parts by Honda, Kawasaki, and Kohley. In our industrial supply store, you can also find products for your rigging system, including custom blocks and chains.

If you’re looking for a supply store that has a wide collection of parts and hardware, take a look at our product gallery or contact us today for great customer service.


Power Tools, Hydraulic Tools, and More

Tools are an essential part of any industrial operation. Hand tools, hydraulic devices, and similar instruments are necessary for operational purposes as well as repairs and maintenance, so you need to have quality pieces that guarantee the performance of your machinery.

At Greenshields Industrial Supply, we carry bars, magnets, hammers, cutters, scrapers, vises, wrenches, jacks, pumps, air drills, impact guns, battery packs, drills, grinders, chainsaws, and many other tools. We also stock a large collection of tool accessories like chucks, hole saws, taps, arbors, bits, blades, extractors, and more, so contact us today if you need help.


Air Compressors, Generators, and Other Industrial Equipment

In addition to specialized machinery, it's also common to find smaller pieces of industrial equipment in most facilities. This includes air compressors, generators, pressure washers, and many other types of industrial equipment. 

At Greenshields Industrial Supply, we offer a full range of equipment for your industrial facility, including ground engaging tools, climbing gear, log splitters, auto equipment, and lawn mowers. To find out more, contact our supply store today.


Safety Products, Cleaning Goods, and Other Essential Supplies

As a leading industrial products distributor in Washington and the US as a whole, Greenshields focuses on providing safety products, cleaning goods, and storage solutions for facilities of all sizes. 

Our team has extensive knowledge about each one of our products and their application, allowing them to provide the best suggestions based on your requirements. If you need help from a reliable team of experts and great customer service, contact our store now.


Protective Industrial Clothing

Wearing civilian clothes in an industrial environment can affect your employees’ productivity and compromise their safety. Providing your team with protective industrial clothing is a great way to improve efficiency while reducing the chances of an accident in your installations.

The best type of protective clothing will depend on your specialty. As a general rule of thumb, providing gloves, jackets, boots, vests, and sweatshirts is always a good idea, but consider all of your team’s needs in order to identify the right clothing items.


Committed to Providing Quality Industrial Supplies

Greenshields Industrial Supply was founded more than 70 years ago, so we understand what our clients need to improve their chances of success. As a premier supply store, we have established strong partnerships with the top manufacturers and distributors in the world, so we only provide quality goods that come from reputable companies.

Our commitment to quality started the day we opened our doors and it remains strong today, so contact Greenshields Industrial Supply to get the best products for your facility through great customer service.


Contact Greenshields Industrial Supply Today

Identifying the best industrial supplies is not easy, but it’s the only way to ensure that you’re getting quality products for your project. Our team of experienced supply specialists can help you identify the best goods and offer suitable solutions at a reasonable price. 

To learn more, contact Greenshields Industrial Supply today.

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