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Greenshields Industrial Supply has a rigging shop with extensive rigging equipment inventory. We assemble chain slings, wire rope slings, manhole slings, chokers and tie down chains in minutes. Greenshields features lifting chain, DOT chain, cable, wire rope and synthetic slings.  We feature hooks, shackles, swivels, hammerlocks, turnbuckles, cable clamps and other rigging hardware. Greenshields features Crosby, Campbell, Cartec, Columbus McKinnon, Laclede, Suncor Stainless and many other rigging brands.

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Rigging hardware plays a crucial role in many American industries. From logging to construction, dredging to excavating, industrial rigging hardware keeps professionals safe and helps them work better.

Here at Greenshields Industrial Supply, we provide high-quality rigging supplies and hardware to a wide range of Pacific Northwest companies, in a variety of industries, and for many different kinds of applications.

Because we serve so many different types of industries, our rigging shop contains a massive inventory of rigging hardware and materials.

Rigging Hardware Services

Whether you’re looking for rigging parts, accessories, or assembly, you can count on Greenshields Industrial Supply to keep you equipped and safe. 

Rigging Hardware Assembly

Our experienced technicians can quickly assemble chain slings, wire rope slings, manhole slings, chokers, and tie-down chains. We know your time is valuable, so we assemble rigging hardware as fast as possible so that you can be in and out of our shop in a matter of minutes.

Rigging Hardware Accessories

Greenshields’ inventory features hooks, shackles, swivels, hammerlocks, turnbuckles, cable clamps, eye bolts, grips, sheaves, sleeves, and much more. We take pride in stocking parts from Crosby, Campbell, Cartec, Columbus McKinnon, Laclede, Suncor Stainless, and many other leading rigging brands.

Browse our online catalog to find the exact rigging hardware you need or continue reading to learn more about our expansive inventory of rigging equipment and accessories.

Rigging Hardware For Construction, Arborist, and Industrial Applications

Our expansive inventory includes rigging hardware for every industry and from a variety of leading brands. If you don’t see the rigging equipment you’re looking for, contact our rigging shop today and we’ll see if we can find it in our shop.


Looking for rigging blocks? We stock snatch blocks with shackles ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches, as well as a variety of blocks with swivel hooks, fixed eyes, and steel rope lines. Block strengths range from under 800 pounds to over 2,600 pounds. 


Our rigging chain inventory includes anti-theft chain, DOT transport chain, and lifting chain. We also offer chain binders for load tie-down. Steel varieties include stainless steel rigging chain, galvanized steel chain, and self-colored steel rigging chain. Chain stock includes Grade 30, Grade 43, Grade 70, and Grade 100 chains. Featured brands include Columbus McKinnon, Campbell, Laclede, and Cartec.


Greenshields stocks rigging pipe chokers, skidder chokers, and cat chokers. Our rigging shop can also custom-assemble wire chokers to your specifications. If you need a custom rigging choker, our professional technicians can assemble it almost immediately, so place your order now and it will be ready for pick up within minutes.


Our rigging clamp inventory includes plate lifting clamps, malleable cable clip clamps, and more. We also offer several clamp kits. These range from ½ ton to 3-ton locking clamp kits. Additional clamp accessories include weld-in plates, lock-n-lifts, and pins for quick-release clamps.

Eye Bolts

We sell rigging eye bolts of all sizes, from leading brands like Campbell, Crosby, and Williams.

Rigging Grips

Greenshields stocks a variety of rigging grips, including Chicago curved grips, forged hot-line grips, parallel jaw grips, pulling grips, extra-high-strength grips, and many more.

Hoist Rings

We offer several kinds of rigging hoist rings from Crosby and Jergens.


Our rigging shop features hooks from Campbell Hooks, Crosby Hooks, Gunnebo Hooks, Cartec Hooks, and CM Hooks. Our inventory includes rigging slip hooks, grab hooks, swivel hooks, eye hooks, and rigging foundry hooks. If needed, our skilled technicians can quickly attach hooks to custom chain and wire rope assemblies.


We stock a huge selection of rigging links, including everything from coupling links to twin links, subassembly links to master links, and even pear links.

Hoists & Trolleys

Need rigging hoists and trolleys? Look no further. Greenshields’ rigging shop offers a massive selection of hoists and trolleys from ATD, Magna, CM, JET, MIT, and more. Our inventory includes beam clamps, cable pullers, chain hoists, lever hoists, and various trolleys.

Load Binders

We offer robust lever binders and ratchet binders for DOT transport chain. Our rigging load binders come from Crosby and Columbus McKinnon.
Masterlinks. We stock a variety of masterlink sizes and shapes.

Rigging Misc

Greenshields also stocks a huge selection of miscellaneous rigging hardware and accessories, including manhole pins, eye bolt nuts, split overhaul balls, ID tag kids, buckle cam web, sliding tracks, strap rollers, wire stretchers, and more.


We offer many kinds of rigging rope, including truck rope, tree rope, bungee cord, rubber rope, leaded line, and all the associated accessories.


Need rigging shackles? Our shop stocks safety shackles, long reach shackles, and lifting shackles from Crosby Shackles, Campbell Shackles, and other leading shackle brands.

Additional Rigging Hardware

Greenshields also stocks:

  • Rigging sheaves
  • Sleeves
  • Snaps
  • Sockets
  • Rigging straps
  • Swivels
  • Synthetic slings
  • Thimbles
  • Rigging turnbuckles
  • Rigging wire rope & cable

Industrial Rigging Hardware You Can Count On

To learn more about our robust inventory of rigging hardware, please contact Greenshields Industrial Supply today. Our rigging professionals are happy to answer any questions you may have about our rigging assembly services or inventory of accessories.


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