BCS Tractors & Attachments

BCS two-wheeled tractors were developed in Italy to perform a wide range of tasks including tilling, mowing, seedbed preparation, snow removal, and more. BCS Tractors and attachments were developed specifically for small farms and gardens. These garden tractors are versatile and easy to use. BCS Tractors and Implements are manufactured in Italy with USA distribution based in Oregon. Greenshields Industrial Supply is your local BCS Dealer.


BCS Tractors operate a range of attachments suited to your needs and circumstance.  When matching a particular tractor model to a particular set of attachments, we considered such factors as engine horsepower, number of working speeds, weight distribution, and balance.  Get four seasons of versatility with one all gear-driven BCS tractor!

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If you’re wondering, “Where can I find a BCS walk behind tractor for sale?” or, “How do I know which BCS tractor is best for my specific needs?” then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Greenshields Industrial Supply, we supply industrial equipment, outdoor tools, and parts to ensure that all of your supplies and BCS equipment needs are taken care of. 

Continue reading to learn more about BCS 2 wheel tractors, where you can find BCS tractor parts as well as the different types of BCS walking tractors available at our store. 

What Are BCS Tractors?

BCS walk-behind tractors are a series of tractors that have different attachments depending on what purpose they are being used for.

BCS tractors are often more affordable than traditional tractors and are the perfect vehicle for individuals who are just starting out their gardening equipment collection and want a more cost-effective BCS two-wheel tractor rather than a full-on sitting tractor. 

Different Series of BCS Tractors

When it comes to BCS America tractors, there are several different types of tractors that you can choose from depending on your specific needs. 

Three of the most popular BCS garden tractors are detailed in the following sections.

Harvester Series

If you would only like to use a limited number of BCS tractor attachments, the Harvester Series will provide you with exactly what you need. 

The Harvester Series has a horsepower range of between 5.7 and 8 and can have a variety of different attachments including the following:

  • Power harrow
  • Sickle bar mower
  • BCS rototiller
  • Rotary plow

Professional Series

If you are looking for a slightly higher grade, more versatile, and more powerful piece of BCS equipment, the Professional Series is an excellent choice. 

The Professional Series enables you to use a wider range of attachments and can feature three different working speeds (depending on the model that you get).

BCS tractors in the Professional Series also often feature wheel brakes on each handlebar, enabling easier and safer handling.

Specialty Series

The Specialty Series BCS tractor is designed to be able to work in various unique situations (such as sloped mowing or with other unique landscapes). 

Many of the Specialty Series models feature front-mount attachment capabilities — unlike most other BCS tractors.

Models in the Specialty Series include these two popular models: 

  • Model 620 Max. This BCS tractor uses front-mount attachments exclusively and has three working speeds (plus a transport speed).
  • Model 660 Hydrostatic. This model comes with hydraulic-assisted steering and hydrostatic drive — making it an ideal BCS tractor for difficult tasks.

Finding the Best BCS Tractor Dealers & BCS Tractors For Sale Near You

In search of a BCS tractor for sale near you? Here at Greenshields Industrial Supply, we not only sell BCS tractors, but we also have a huge inventory of BCS parts for sale as well.

So whether you’re in the market to purchase a BCS tractor, or you’re just looking for replacement parts for your BCS tractor, get in touch with Greenshields Industrial Supply today. Our knowledgeable team would be happy to assist you with finding the right parts or BCS tractor for your needs.