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Many sectors in the professional world rely on aeroquip hydraulic hoses to complete a hydraulic circuit, which includes moving water, oil, and other liquids between components to create energy. The rigid pipes suit them for the high temperatures and pressures that most experts work with, assisting with industries like mining, utility, transport, and offshore oil and gas companies. 

Before you start searching for “hydraulic hoses made near me” and determining where to buy hydraulic hoses, here are common applications for each type. This way, you can find the option that best suits your needs. 

Industrial Machinery

The industrial sphere is vast, comprising everything from agriculture to robotics, but no matter the industrial application you use, a hydraulic hose may prove vital. For instance, hoses control the operation of manufacturing machines like lathes, presses, and mills by equipping them with hydraulic power. You’ll also notice they help with the steering, brakes, and suspension on cars, trucks, and other automobiles.

Other industrial applications for any hydro hose include:

  • Agricultural equipment like tractors and harvesters
  • Marine equipment like off-shore drilling and shipbuilding
  • Power generators
  • Robotics
  • And much more!

With precision and efficiency, an aeroquip hydraulic hose breathes life into heavy operating machinery that would otherwise refuse to work.

Construction Equipment 

Hydro hoses also have their place on the construction worksite since they transfer fluid to power valves, motors, and cylinders found in equipment like excavators and bulldozers. For instance, hydraulic hoses operate the buckets on loaders so they can carry and move materials. Also, a hydraulic rubber hose sends fluids to the cylinder in any crane, allowing for a functioning boom.

Because the hydraulic system can prove difficult to use in congested spaces, the hose is necessary for introducing flexibility and maneuverability. The elasticity of the pipe arm reduces limitations, such as when using a digging tool. Hoses also offer versatility since you can customize them and their aeroquip hydraulic fittings for different equipment, with the complex ones powering multiple tools simultaneously. 

Hydraulic Hose Shop

While you may want to run out and get a hydraulic hose, knowing exactly what kind your equipment calls for and where to get it is crucial. When searching “hydraulic hoses for sale” to find a hydraulic hose shop near you, we can help. Greenshields Industrial Supply uses “STAMPED” to help match each hose to their application:

  • Size, meaning the inside and outside diameter alongside the length 
  • Temperature range
  • Applications, which affect the minimum radius bend rating
  • Materials, which determine application compatibility
  • Pressure rating
  • Ends, which either include permanent couplings or field-attachable couplings at the hose’s end
  • Duplication, which refers to the difficulty level of replacing the hose down the line

You’ll also receive five-star customer service and over 70 years of experience from professional companies like ours. So, research, “Who makes hydraulic hoses near me?” to find a team that not only understands the difference between each aeroquip hydraulic hose but how to match you with the right one. They’ll also partner with top brands to bring you product quality and efficiency. Stop looking for "hydraulic hose near me" and work with experts you can trust.

At Greenshields Industrial Supply, we’ve been in the business of providing high-end hydraulic hoses since 1953.

We carry a variety of air, diesel, discharge, suction, brake, engine, and industrial hoses from Eaton Aeroquip and other reputable manufacturers. We also have a wide selection of hydraulic fittings, adapters, and clamps at our shop.

If you have any questions about our hydro hoses, give us a call today. Our trained team would be happy to answer your questions and recommend the best hydraulic hose to meet your needs. Visit our Everett Hydraulic Hose Shop.

We also offer hydraulic hose repair.


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