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The MONOPOD: Performance, Safety, Productivity!

Greenshields’ most efficient way to use demolition tools. This remarkable instrument lifts and supports chipping hammers and other air tools with one-hand controls. Reduce downtime and costs, and make difficult jobs feel like a breeze!

More Control

The ergonomic design and pinpoint control provide 360-degree rotational movement on the single-leg pivoting base. Enjoy extended reach with easy vertical lift and horizontal repositioning. The two-way finger-control valves provide smooth up-and-down movement for adept tool control.

Vertical Positioning

The vertical bracket can hold a variety of tools in the exact position needed for the job. Demolition tools can be used vertically and overhead, and are easily manipulated without weight or strain on the operator from their robust power. Your vertical drilling and chipping jobs are accomplished with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, from drywall to concrete.

Increased Safety

The sturdy cylinder supports the weight of the mounted tool, while its shock-absorbing function reduces vibration during pounding jobs. This eliminates strain on the operator’s arms, shoulders, and back, preventing stress and greatly reducing the risk of workplace injuries. You’ll save on medical and industrial insurance costs.


Greenshields has seven decades of experience in providing superior and innovative commercial-grade tools. Handcrafted right here in the USA using the highest quality steel and aluminum components. This one-of-a-kind pneumatic tool holder is light and maneuverable yet designed to excel in a rugged and dirty construction environment.

Increased Productivity: Demolition Jobs

Minimizes jarring stresses and strains experienced by users of heavy equipment. This power pneumatic tool holder takes the load off the operator, dramatically reducing fatigue and allowing for longer stretches of unabated work. You’ll complete your demolition job faster and with fewer people!

Unique Versatility

Greenshields’ patented design was originally developed and is ideal for lifting tools to chip concrete overhead. The pneumatically-driven power device is perfect for demolition jobs that can’t be accessed with heavy-powered equipment but require breaking power. It supports and lifts standard sizes of demolition tools including chipping hammers, rivet busters, needle scalers, rugged drills, and guns weighing up to 40 pounds with arbors up to 3.5 inches in diameter.

Easy To Use

The minimal design allows for unmatched ease of operation. The Monopod functions as an ideal extension of the operator’s own body — one hand guides the mounted tool horizontally while the other hand operates the elegant up-and-down control valves. Demolition work has never been so quick and effortless!

Operating Range

The 36” pneumatic jack cylinder reaches to 84”, giving you an effective work height of 4 to 7 feet. The vertical mount is offset towards the operator, which allows the mounted tool to point straight up for overhead work. 

Customer Reviews

“We use them for all of our overhead work with a 30 lb HellDog rivet buster. Great product, faster and safer demolition.” — Jeffery Stephany

Pneumatic Tool Support

Designed for performance, safety, and productivity.


SAVE TIME and PREVENT injury on your next job!

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