LED Replacement 300 Lum. Fits all Stingers


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Terralux, Inc. LED Upgrade Kit For Streamlight Stingers Flashlights
  • The TerraLUX MiniStar TLE-ST1-EX is a custom engineered LED upgrade kit for the Streamlight Stinger®, Stinger XT® and PolyStinger® flashlights (xenon models only)
  • It converts your Stinger, Stinger XT or PolyStinger xenon flashlight into an LED flashlight with 300 lumens and up to 2 hours of runtime per charge.
  • This MiniStar ST/EX features a patented design that includes a heavy duty heat sink that ensures a cool running LED and high quality TIR replacement lens.
  • Note: This TerraLUX ugrade kit will NOT work with Stinger HP, UltraStinger or Super Stinger.
  • Features of TerraLUX MiniStar ST/1-EX LED upgrade kit:
  • replaces halogen bulb with a long-life, solid-state LED
  • 300 lumen output with up to 2 hours of runtime (per charge)
  • smart electronics for exceptional battery life and more consistent light output
  • high quality TIR lens
  • fixed focus
  • heavy duty heat sink
  • fits Streamlight Stinger, Stinger XT and PolyStinger xenon flashlights
  • complete upgrade kit: includes black aluminum bezel/lens assembly, LED module and anti-roll ring
  • (flashlight NOT included)

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